5 Famous ESTP Personality Types

The Myers-Briggs personality test is a widely used tool for addressing and understanding personality conflicts. It’s been used by both businesses and relationship experts to address gaps in communication or issues in teamwork.

The ESTP personality is one of the 16 types outlined in the Myers-Briggs assessment. These personalities tend to be bold and full of life. They are highly sociable and popular and are not afraid to take risks. ESTP personalities are highly animated and make great salespeople, entrepreneurs and performers. Here are a few of the most famous ESTP personality types:

1. Donald Trump

Donald Trump is the ultimate entrepreneur and risk-taker. He fully exemplifies the ESTP personality type with his high-stakes business acumen and bold persona. ESTP personalities are notorious for being a bit insensitive and Trump is known for his many off the cusp remarks. Regardless, Trump has found success in business, reality television and the political arena. He’s shown the ability to dive into any project and come out a winner.

2. Madonna

Madonna’s daring and risque stage persona truly personifies the ESTP personality. Madonna’s performances are known for their shock value and she has proven to be an iconic entertainer in the music and film world. Madonna has frequently been known as a trend setter and has historically been able to turn even the most unassuming object into an overnight success. She’s truly bold in all her endeavors and doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to ambition and an unshakable attitude.

3. Malcom X

This historical figure is best known for his work and bravery during the Civil Rights era. His life and work efforts caused extreme tumult throughout the years and he was quite the fighter and protester. He was extremely bold in his approach to Civil Rights and was often viewed as borderline offensive, however his bold approach was effective and contributed greatly to the movement. He is often celebrated for his courage and leadership during that time period.

4. Taylor Swift

This down to earth singer and songwriter has been dubbed America’s Sweetheart on numerous occasions. On the exterior, she may not appear to be as bold as some of the previous ESTP personalities, but she has an inner strength and ambition that is hard to beat. Swift has been under public scrutiny since being a teenager and has weathered every storm with courage and grace. She is also a savvy businesswomen and has engaged in projects from a perfume line to her own recording studio.

5. Stephen R. Covey

If you know anything about business and leadership, you’ve probably heard of Steven Covey. This businessman turned author is a great reflection of the typical ESTP personality. His no-nonsense approach to managing and motivating people has catapulted his career and made his theories some of the most widely used material across the globe. His concepts have been touted by some of the most prestigious organizations in the world and he delivers his content in a direct and practical way which is typical of the pragmatic ESTP personality.

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These are just a few of the many popular ESTP personalities. They all demonstrate a common theme of being bold and direct with their work. They are all also fairly well-known in the media for taking stands based on personal conviction. Each of these characters provides a glimpse of the extroverted ESTP personality and the many ways they find success.