5 Famous INFP Personality Types

INFP is a Myer-Briggs personality type marked by creative expression, sensitivity and all-around empathy. INFPs can also be effective in the workplace as leaders, according to Forbes. Many well-regarded creative types have been INFP, as it is a personality type that promotes depth of understanding and authenticity. These are five famous INFP personality types.

1. Bill Watterson

Creator of one of the most beloved comic strips, “Calvin and Hobbes,” Bill Watterson is a hero to many. Not only did he deal with subject matters rarely addressed by newspaper comics, such as death, social isolation and the meaning of art, he maintained total control over his subject matter and refused to give into pressures to commercialize his work via merchandising. Watterson’s INFP tendencies can be seen in strips when his two leads, Calvin and Hobbes, have long, thought-provoking discussions, usually while riding a wagon or sled. Reclusive since retirement, Watterson shows the strength of maintaining a vision.

2. Tim Burton

Many of Tim Burton’s films deal with characters trying to fit into a world that feels threatening and uninviting, something many INFPs can relate to. A character such as Edward Scissorhands is an outcast due to how society views him as a monster by his appearance. In “Ed Wood,” Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the legendarily incompetent director reveals an underlying sadness in being rejected by the world for what you believe to be your purpose in life. Even in light-hearted fare like “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” Burton shows how some people just can’t help sticking out. Hopefully, INFPs that see Burton’s films realize that it’s okay to be different.

3. Bjork

Bjork is an artist. Not just in that she makes music, but also in how she dons a wide range of inventive costumes and shifts her musical styles in ways that nonetheless always feel perfect. She’s a chameleon, and it’s easy to see how her INFP tendencies would be beneficial in allowing her to feel she can coax feelings out through subverting expectations. INFPs are not ones to seek attention, but they do want meaning in their lives. Bjork’s endeavors capture attention, but it comes from authenticity, never feeling like she is trying to gain anyone’s approval. Through albums such as “Homogenic” and the recent “Vulnicura,” she has always succeeded at being Bjork.

4. David Lynch

David Lynch’s work has a tendency to bend minds. The surreality of films such as “Eraserhead” and “Mulholland Drive” along with his series “Twin Peaks” can disorient viewers to the point that it’s easy to write off Lynch as being cold and uncaring and therefore not a prime INFP candidate. However, Lynch’s genius is tapping into the complexity of the mind and thought. His films deal in the big ideas that INFPs are plagued by but can’t always articulate. Plus, he’s also shown sympathy through more straightforward character pieces such as “The Elephant Man” and “The Straight Story.”

5. Marlon Brando

Considered one of the greatest actors to have ever lived, Brando’s well-known tendency for method acting coaxed out Academy Award-winning performances in films such as “On the Waterfront” and “The Godfather.” Watching a Brando performance is like witnessing Michelangelo turn a block of marble into the statue of David. His ability to understand and embody his characters like few others made Brando a shining example of the power of the INFP personality type. Through sympathy and understanding, even a crime boss like Vito Corleone can possess humanity.

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INFPs are not likely to be the types to grow up imagining becoming famous. However, some (like the aforementioned five), do find fame. This is not because of blind luck or appealing to the masses. It’s because they are able to showcase their talents in ways that not everyone appreciates, but the ones that do, appreciate it undyingly.