5 Famous INTP Personality Types

INTP personality types make up about three percent of the population, which makes them pretty rare. Creative, intellectual and always full of spirit, the INTP has a lot of special gifts to offer society, according to Celebrity Types. They tend to demonstrate high IQ scores and have been responsible for a number of important scientific discoveries throughout the ages. They are considered the most logical of all personality types. However, they also tend to get excited about concepts that haven’t been fully developed, and they can sometimes get ahead of themselves. They love bouncing ideas off of others and finding environments where they can fully express their genius minds.

1. Abraham Lincoln

This former president is one of the most famous INTPs in history. A natural leader with a commanding presence and plenty of intellect, Lincoln helped shape the view on what makes a strong president. He was known for his honesty. He had strength during debates, but he was also controlled, guarded and very patient. According to writing from J.T. Duryea, who often met with Lincoln during his presidency, “his conscience was the strongest element of his nature.”

2. Tina Fey

INTPs are known for being as creative and funny as they are smart and logical. This description is certainly a match for Tina Fey. Not only does she demonstrate some serious acting talent in all of her films, but she’s also a writer, director and producer. Perhaps best known for her work on Saturday Night Live, Fey has gone on to do brilliant work on films such as Mean Girls and Baby Mama as well as the television show 30 Rock. Smart and ambitious, Tina Fey is the perfect example of an INTP.

3. Jane Austen

Many believe that world-renowned author Jane Austen was an INTP. She published a number of novels, such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma. An observer of life, INTPs are great at picking up on inconsistencies and irony in situations. Jane explored a lot of these things in her books, and her talent and intelligence surrounding the written word has helped her remain a prominent figure in the literary world nearly two centuries after her death in 1817.

4. Jesse Eisenberg

Actor Jesse Eisenberg is known to be an INTP. After landing a number of smaller roles, he hit it big in 2009 with the comedy-horror film Zombieland. After that, he took on many critically acclaimed roles, including playing Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg in the 2010 hit The Social Network. Intensely introverted and full of humor and sparkling intelligence, Jesse Eisenberg demonstrates many INTP personality features.

5. JK Rowling

Best known for creating the famous Harry Potter series, JK Rowling is perhaps one of the most successful women on the planet. Growing up, she lived through many hardships, and then she went on to suffer through a difficult marriage and a life of poverty. It takes a great deal of strength to keep going through something like that. Rowling demonstrates many INTP personality traits, especially when you look at the complexity of the world she created in Harry Potter.

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Most of this list was put together based on observation, so it’s possible that some assessments could be a bit off. With public figures, we only see the personality aspects they choose to share in public. Human beings are complex, so while all of these people demonstrate INTP qualities, it’s important to recognize that things are not always as they seem. The only real way a person can be typed is if they take the test themselves.