5 Famous ISFJ Personality Types

In the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, the ISFJ is known as “The Defender.” It’s estimated that nearly 13% of the population falls into this category. ISFJ is a very strong personality type that has many contradictory qualities, according to 16 Personalities.

Although ISFJs possess the “feeling” (F) trait, they also have excellent analytical skills; they are often perfectionists. Also, while introverted (I), they often have well-developed skills when it comes to relationships and social interactions. Lastly, while they are stronger in the judgment (J) trait, they are adaptable to change and new situations.

1. General Robert E. Lee

ISFJ personality types are common among politicians and military leaders; Confederate General Robert E. Lee is a classic example. His obedience to authority was one of his strongest beliefs. While he was introverted, he took the time to maintain many lines of personal correspondence, because he felt it reflected his etiquette. Lee was also a feeling type who was deeply affected by war; he was quoted as saying, “I am astounded not only by the viciousness of men, but by their compassion as well.”

2. Halle Berry

Halle Berry has all of the requisite traits for an ISFJ. Her method involves intense introspection in to the roles she plays. She’s not entirely self-focused, though; she is a devoted mother. It’s also important to note that she takes pride in her physique and appearance, a common trait among ISFJs. In interviews Berry has made it clear that while she doesn’t have an excessive number of friends, she truly values the real connections she has.

3. Kanye West

Number three in our list of famous ISFJs is none other than “Yeezus” himself. This might be surprising, given that he presents a rather…extroverted facade; however, he has a strong work ethic, and a need to express his feelings in any given situation (for better or worse). Beyond that, the work of a music producer, which West did prior to rapping, requires a keen ear and a nearly obsessive eye for details.

4. Mother Teresa

The famous Catholic nun is an outstanding example of an ISFJ. Her charity work showcases her feeling nature, but it’s important to remember that she didn’t court her publicity. When asked how people could help the world, she said simply, “Go home and love your family.” This blunt, but wise and compassionate answer is very telling. ISFJs very rarely “sugar-coat” their words, prizing truth and transparency.

5. Rosa Parks

ISFJs have an incredible ability to affect change; few people show this drive better than civil rights leader Rosa Parks. Her quiet but remarkable gesture of refusing to give up her bus seat for a white man is indicative of the ISFJ personality. It wasn’t a flashy gesture, but it was so focused, so direct and simple, that it captured the attention of the entire nation.

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ISFJ: Common, Yet Unique

Given the high percentage of ISFJ personality types, we had a hard time deciding on the best examples. However, we’re confident that the figures on our list perfectly exemplify the personality traits common to the ISFJ.