5 Great Books for Accounting Majors

If you want to know more about if accounting is the right major for you, or you are an accounting major who is serious about excelling in your career, then you need to read well-written books for accounting majors. These are five great books to start out in deciding if accounting is right for you or to help you learn more about your chosen career.

1). The Bottom Line Is Betrayal, by Katherine Taken Smith

If you want to learn about accounting in an entertaining way, the this is the book for you. Smith teaches practical business and technology skills, including skills about international accounting and accounting procedures, in the form of a spy novel. It is an excellent way to learn more about business while also being entertained.

2. Financial Shenanigans: How to Detect Accounting Gimmicks & Fraud in Financial Reports, by Howard M. Schilit

This is a no-nonsense book that helps people catch accounting fraud in financial reports. It helps them know if financial reports are misleading and trying to make the company seem better off than it actually is, or someone is stealing. This book also helps people review accounting information to decide if a company is failing. For accounting majors interested in forensic accounting, this is the book to go for.

3. The Financial Numbers Game: Detecting Creative Accounting Practices, by Charles W. Mulford and Eugene E. Comiskey

Another book good to read for accounting majors interested in forensic accounting, The Financial Numbers Game shows people how to detect fraud and misleading information early before there are unpleasant surprises. It includes advice from experts and easy-to-use checklists for detecting creative accounting practices.

4. A Brief History of Economic Genius, by Paul Strathern

A necessary way to get better at accounting is to read about the greats. A Brief History of Economic Genius tells about some of the greatest people in the economic world, including those involved in the invention of double book-keeping, standard deviation, and applications of the theory of probability. He shows how they influenced each other and built upon each others’ ideas to help shape some of the greatest developments for the modern age.

5. Double Entry: How the Merchants of Venice Shaped the Modern World, by Jane Gleeson-White

White tells how double entry was invented in a lively and fascinating close-up into a piece of accounting history. Accounting majors interested about learning more about double entry bookkeeping will find this book really useful. This book shows how Double Entry impacted the world and how it came to be, giving historical context and meaning behind this accounting technique.

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There are a lot of great accounting books out there for accounting majors or prospective accounting majors. But these five books are a great start to helping accounting majors augment their college classes and learn more about accounting.