5 Great Books for Human Resource Professionals

Human resources professionals are responsible for shaping a positive and productive work environment. These professionals work tirelessly to mold a company’s culture in order to bring out the best of the organization. In order to maximize their effectiveness, human resource professionals often rely on the experience and leadership of other greats in their field. With this in mind, below are five books that every HR professional should read.

1. Talent Management Handbook

By: Lance A Berger, Dorothy R Berger

This book is a comprehensive guide is a go-to resource for HR professionals seeking to build a talented, diverse and motivated workforce. Each section is designed to equip readers with practical tools, processes and techniques to:

  • Find and develop new talent
  • Motivate, mentor and train the next generation of leaders
  • Retain top talent
  • Create a culture of excellence

The Talent Management Handbook features best practices from more than 30 of the top talent management firms in the world. Each page represents years of research and contributions from some of the top leaders in the industry. Every chapter of this book is designed to serve as a building block towards achieving overall organizational excellence.

2. Overcoming Mobbing: A Recovery Guide For Workplace Aggression And Bullying

By: Maureen Duffy and Len Sperry

Conflict management is one of the biggest challenges faced by human resources personnel. With an estimated 75% of workers affected by bullying, according to Forbes, this issue has become a major concern for human resources specialists across the country. Overcoming Mobbing addresses one of the most common forms of workplace bullying – mobbing. Mobbing is a form of abuse where a group or individuals collectively ridicule and humiliate a single person in the workplace. Not only can mobbing present physical and mental health concerns, but it also creates a toxic work environment. This thoughtful book gives HR professionals the tools they need to identify mobbing and stop it in its tracks.

3. Driven by Difference: How Great Companies Fuel Innovation Through Diversity

By: David Livermore Ph.D.

Despite today’s workforce being more diverse than it has ever been, this expanded talent pool rarely leads to increased innovation. This book aims to equip HR professionals with the tools they need to effectively manage diversity to maximize innovation within their organization. Author David Livermore reveals the secrets to minimizing conflict while getting the most out the blended cultures and experiences is to increase cultural intelligence. He closely analyzes companies like Google, Novartis and Alibaba that have all managed to successfully utilize multicultural teams to achieve new levels of innovation.

4. Love ‘Em or Lose ‘Em: Getting Good People to Stay

By: Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans

While it may initially seem like a small concern, employee turnover can have a big impact on your company’s bottom line. Industry experts estimate the cost of finding and training a replacement to be more than twice the employee’s annual salary. In addition to being costly, employee turnover can also have an impact on morale. Workers may become unhappy and stop working up to their full potential. With that in mind, this bestseller offers HR professionals 26 tried and true strategies to reduce turnover and keep employees engaged.

5. The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement

By: Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox

This fast-paced novel aims to transform the way you think about management. The story revolves around Alex Rogo, a plant manager working tirelessly to improve his performance. Yet despite his best efforts, both his factory and his marriage are rapidly falling apart. When he receives notice from headquarters that he has just 90 days to turn things around and avoid plant closure, he takes a chance meeting with one of his old professors, Jonah. Together, the duo defies conventional management practices and begin to reimagine the way things need to be done. Based heavily on Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC), Alex learns that the goal of both individuals and his organization should never be singularly defined. This page-turner is a must-read for HR professionals seeking to improve their company culture.

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HR professionals are responsible for hiring, managing and retaining a highly-talented and diverse workforce. These five books give you the knowledge, skills and tools you need to bring that goal to fruition.