5 Great Career Choices for ESFPs

Whether you’re entering the professional world or making a career change, it’s important to understand your weaknesses, strengths, core values and personality type. As an ESFP, you should seek careers that provide hands-on experiences, flexibility, variety and social interaction. The possibilities are endless, but the following examples complement ESFP characteristics particularly well.

1. Social Worker

One of the most prominent traits of the ESFP personality is compassion. Social work allows you to use your natural warmth and empathy to inspire those who are emotionally or spiritually lost. You can rely on your strong awareness of details to fit the pieces of the puzzle together and come up with a personalized plan for clients. ESFPs also make great social workers because they appreciate and enjoy being challenged on a regular basis. Any type of counseling position is ideal and will allow you to solve problems in practical ways.

2.Health Care Provider

Although many positions in health care are too structured for the fun-loving ESFP, some careers are flexible enough to keep active minds engaged. Specializing in Western medicine or taking on the role of an in-home caregiver are fantastic options. They’ll give you the opportunity to take care of people without having to sacrifice your easy-going nature. A big perk to choosing health care is that you’ll interact with a variety of people who have distinct needs. ESFPs can handle the unexpected, and the health care industry is remarkably unpredictable and exciting.

3. Educator

Nearly every ESFP attribute pairs well with a career in education. The ability to teach systematically, a need to rely on facts, an inherent resourcefulness and a high energy level will take you far in this field. ESFPs get along with people of all ages, but they feel a special bond with children. Because of this connection, early childhood education is ideal. You can also think outside the box and choose a career that centers on specific traits. If you have a strong appreciation for aesthetics, consider becoming an art or photography teacher.

4. Performer

With a keen sense of humor, a light-hearted disposition and a longing for new experiences, an ESFP is a natural entertainer. Whether it’s dancing, acting or playing music on stage or screen, the variation of projects in this industry will stimulate you and keep you fulfilled. People are attracted to the laid-back ESFP personality, so drawing a crowd or developing a following will be child’s play. If you genuinely thrive on making people smile and you believe every day is a new party to enjoy, you’ll likely find success in this creative field.

5. Salesperson

The gift of gab, a magnetic personality and the ability to adapt to people and environments are beneficial in the sales universe. ESFPs are expressive, charming and intuitive, which makes them naturally persuasive. They can swiftly scan a situation and take action. These attributes are perfect for various sales positions. As a salesperson, you’ll deal with many different kinds of people, so you most likely won’t become bored. You can use your gifts to make potential clients feel secure, and you’ll be able to quickly respond to any possible roadblocks to your success.

Your unique qualities as an ESFP could make you shine in certain careers, specifically ones that allow you to be spontaneous and to work with a range of personalities. Focus on exciting jobs that feed your intrinsic enthusiasm about life. If you let the intensity that drives you be your guide, you’ll be rewarded with a gratifying career.