5 Great Careers for ESFJ Personality Types

With their warmth, enthusiasm, and strong work ethic, ESFJ personality types have a lot to offer. They thrive in environments that provide clear cut goals. This type is able to set their own clear goals with excellent follow-through. When looking to start a career, here are some that ESFJs should consider.

1. School Principal or Teacher

Schools are one organization ESFJs enjoy working in. As school principal, this type has numerous opportunities to showcase their combined people and organizational skills. Whether in a liaison role between parent, teacher, and student, or in directing affairs of the larger school itself, ESFJs will provide unique insight into each situation. Their willingness to see the individual is one of their biggest assets. Teaching provides a slightly smaller scale, though no less complex arena for the ESFJ. Managing a classroom of children provides many challenges the ESFJ craves and they will conduct a structured yet warm classroom.

2. Manager

ESFJs organizational skills and commitment to quality make them excellent managers. Their commitment to through processes makes it easy for them to produce satisfactory results in projects. On the other hand, their genuine warmth makes them a relatable leader. They do not wish to sacrifice morale or their employees wishes either. Able to effectively gauge their workplace thermostat, ESFJs will strive to make their employees feel valued, appreciated, and motivated. They aren’t likely to isolate themselves and therefore their team members or employees; instead, this type will seek to bring everyone on board whenever possible.

3. Counselor

Here is one vocation where an ESFJs ability to read others really shines. Eager to listen, as a counselor, ESFJs will accurately assess their client and be able to offer sincere, warm advice. They may even excel in group counseling, since this further stimulates this types’ others-centered extroverted nature. Clients who see an ESFJ counselor are likely to be put at ease quickly and are sure to receive specified, genuine care.

4. Host/Hostess

Whether managing a hotel or greeting customers at a restaurant, ESFJs love welcoming people into their environment. It is important to them that the people in their care are satisfied. There are few things more stressful to an ESFJ than a coworker or employee who does not share this value, so they will try their hardest to get everyone on the same page to create the best possible services for their customers. They aren’t likely to let themselves be pushed around, though, and will not often stray from their plan of action, even if facing opposition.

5. Clergy

A large group of people to care for and organize? It’s a common dream of the ESFJ. They feel energized in this role because it provides so many facets of care and interaction. While ESFJs tend to be traditional, they can also be adaptable if it suits their goal. Becoming a priest or pastor fulfills the ESFJ’s desire to help as many people as possible on an individual level. They will also have a harmonizing effect on their fellow clergy. With their personable natures, those in their care will know they have value and a voice within the congregation.

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As you can see, many ESFJs live by the slogan “the more the merrier.” Seeking a career that will place them in a position to directly help as many people as possible will energize them like few other things. Along with that, ESFJs responsible, practical nature provides a solid framework for professional progress and a worthwhile example, according to Team Technology.