5 Great Careers for ESTP Personality Types

A lot of people have heard of the Myers-Briggs personality type system. Some professional psychologists say it is inaccurate. Many of the Myers-Briggs free inventories online are not designed by psychologists who understand how the brain functions. It is best to keep in mind that each person in unique and valuable. Every individual will have some things that are special about them only. Myers-Briggs personality type system is based on Jungian trait psychology. Many school therapists prefer Freudian environmental psychology.

In the Myers-Briggs system, ESTP people are lively and outgoing. They love risk, parties, and adventure. They are physically tougher than the average person. They also do not like routine and traditional organized corporate schedules. ESTP’s sometimes struggle to make good grades in school. ESTP’s are very hands on. They strongly prefer action to discussing abstract theories. Here are five great careers for an ESTP that will keep them interested with life.

1. Police or Security Officer

Police have legal authority to drive over the speed limit to catch crooks whenever crooks appear. They are responsible for punishing people who do wrong and harm the community. Police also have to keep strange hours and patrol actively in cars. They watch an urban environment for problems. These are all things that ESTP’s probably would enjoy. Because ESTP’s have a reputation for being a little wild, they are actually quite suitable for punishing illegal wild activities. An ESTP must be careful in their teens to avoid getting a major criminal record that would keep them from pursuing this career.

2. Sales Representative

ESTP’s are very clever. They like people. They are energetic. They are good at persuading people to join their cause. These are all traits of a high performing sales representative. Not everyone is good at selling stuff. An ESTP might be a person who would enjoy selling more than the average individual, according to Truity.

3. Aircraft Pilot

ESTP’s thrive on action and adventure. They love war movies about aircraft dogfights. They are good at taking risks that most people do not want to try. These are all traits of a good military or airline pilot. Many manufacturers also employ pilots to test new aircraft. The rewards and high pay of being an aircraft pilot is sure to attract many who identify with the ESTP brain.

4. Dating Company

Today, there are actually companies that exist to help couples get together. Good companies to consider working for include Facebook, Its Just Lunch and Elite Singles. ESTP’s like romance and helping others have a good time. Working for a company that encourages social happiness is a good fit for many ESTP’s.

5. College or Pro Athlete

ESTP’s often like sports in school. They are usually physically fit and highly energetic. If there is a particular sport that is really interesting to an ESTP, they can become very good at it. Not everyone makes it to the majors, but practicing can help an ESTP get noticed by recruiters. A pro-athlete is a highly competitive field, but many top athletes score as ESTP’s or ISTP’s. If an ESTP is really good at a sport, and they like to practice, this could be a match.

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If you are an ESTP, and you do not like your job, consider some of these fields. Every good career requires some effort to achieve. It helps immensely if you like your profession. Many ESTP’s get discouraged because traditional work is boring to them. Thankfully, there are paid jobs that can help an ESTP have the career they love.