5 Great Careers for ISFJ Personalties

Among the Myers-Briggs Personality Types, the ISFJ is known as the “Protector”; they possess a strong desire to help people, and while they are introverted, they avoid being too “self-focused” or egotistical. ISFJs are often neat, orderly, and punctual (and would usually prefer that the people around them shared those values).

They usually enjoy work that rewards their keen attention to detail. ISFJs are also typically fine with working “behind the scenes.” While they appreciate a nod of recognition now and then, for an ISFJ, it doesn’t compare to the satisfaction of a job well done.

With that in mind, what are the best careers for the ISFJ personality type? The following are five jobs that suit the specific needs and match the strengths of the ISFJ. You’ll notice that most of them are nurturing in nature, a fact that The Guardian recently acknowledged in their assessment of personality type tests.

1. Dentist or Dental Hygienist

Many people dread going to the dentist, but they probably dread it a little less if their dentist is an ISFJ. The re-assuring and caring nature known to ISFJs is crucial in occupations in which patients experience stress or fear. Those interested in a similar career can choose to become a dental hygienist; it is a well-paying career that provides the opportunity to help others.

2. Elementary School Teacher

The next great career for ISFJs is that of a school teacher; elementary is particularly well-suited to ISFJs, because the students are younger and need more guidance and protection. It’s often said that teaching is a “thankless job.” For the ISFJ, that’s just fine. They are typically fine with a low-key level of recognition and thanks for their work. Although introverted, the ISFJ thrives on meaningful personal relationships–as such, talking with students and parents is a strong suit.

3. Social Worker

Social work can be extremely difficult; many social workers see things that affect them deeply every day. But, the ISFJ personality type needs that in a career. Helping children and entire families is one of the most rewarding feelings, and one that an ISFJ values highly. Social work is highly recommended for the ISFJ choosing a great career.

4. Psychiatrist/Counselor

ISFJs often feel an intense need to help less fortunate and differently-abled people. That’s why mental health is a great career for the ISFJ peronality type. Although counselors and “talk therapists” aren’t allowed to prescribe medication like a psychiatrist, they still provide help to countless people in need.

5. Veterinarian

The ISFJ’s “protector” nature is hardly limited to two-legged creatures; ISFJs make excellent veterinarians. Animals can make sounds, but they lack the words to express how they’re feeling; this makes it extremely hard to watch them exist in pain. Veterinary work provides ISFJs with a sense of relief from helping something that cannot help itself.

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While this list covers many great jobs, ISFJs can hardly be confined to a small box. After all, there are many jobs that require a nurturing nature and a careful eye for detail.