5 Great Careers in Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering Careers

  • Database Engineer
  • Computer Software Engineer
  • Computer Hardware Engineer
  • Computer Architect
  • Network Engineer

Computer engineering is a discipline that deals with the design and integration of software with computer hardware. It is a relatively vast field, with numerous job positions available across all industries. Here is a list of the top five hot jobs you could get as a computer engineering major.

Database Engineer

Database engineers work for computer systems companies to build and manage complex databases. They ensure that every database works well and provides valid and accurate information. They also ensure that the database is protected from attackers who might want to access sensitive information such as financial data, shipping records and private details. Database engineers make a good amount of money when compared with individuals in other job positions. A database engineer who earns the least gets $55,205 per year while others get up to $130,000. The median salary is $80,042, which is far much above the national average income.

Computer Software Engineer

Computer software engineers apply the principles of computer engineering and mathematical analysis to design, develop, test and monitor computer software and applications. They develop a wide variety of software, including operating systems, computer games, mobile applications, network control systems and business applications. Software engineers typically analyze the needs of their clients first before coming up with the right software solution. Most of them work as independent contractors. Others work for large companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Samsung. They make an average of $81,425 per year. The least-paid gets $57,345, which is good for an entry-level position.

Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer hardware engineers design, develop and test computer components and systems to come up with an operational and highly effective product. They design computer components such as motherboards, processors, memory devices and routers. They make sure that such components work well with different software. Due to the sophisticated and highly specialized nature of their job, computer hardware engineers are paid handsomely. They make an average of $115,080 per year. Those who are starting out earn as high as $60,000.

Computer Architect

Computer architects work to improve the overall performance of computer systems and networks within an organization. In order to execute their duties effectively, they test computers, write algorithms and design software. Computer architects usually work with businesses, healthcare facilities, research institutions, manufacturing companies and governmental agencies. They earn some of the most lucrative salaries in the computer industry. Their average annual income is $121,158. Some earn as high as $200,000.

Network Engineer

Network engineers work to ensure all computer networks within an organization are operational and accessible to authorized individuals. They work with a variety of networks, such as intranets, extranets, wide area networks (WANs) and local area networks (LANs). They analyze all communications within the network, create plans for the network and make a presentation to the senior management on issues affecting the network. According to PayScale, the average annual salary for network engineers is $70,951. The beginning salary is $44,000.

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Computer engineering is a lucrative field and has careers that attract an annual salary of more than $100,000. If you have a passion for math, science and computer, you can pursue computer engineering and be among the best earners in the US.