5 Great Careers in Human Resources

Having a career in Human Resources can be an extremely fun and rewarding profession. Human resources in general covers many different areas of businesses today. As a HR professional, you can help people get jobs, nurture growth and help employees be successful, offer training, and help individuals solve issues in the workplace. See some amazing careers you can have in HR below.

1. Recruiter for Executive Positions

If you decide to be a recruiter or specialize in recruiting, there are quite a few career paths you can take. Being an executive recruiter is one of the better options for a few reasons. First, you can earn a high income because you will be working to place top talent at companies. Second, you can work for yourself and be independent. You also have the opportunity to help improve other people’s lives by assisting in their career growth. If you choose to be an executive recruiter, you can specialize in bigger industries with more demand for labor.

2. Training and Development Manager

Individuals who love to teach and educate others should look for training and development manager jobs. This is another rewarding career, because you get to directly impact people and help them become better at their job. As a trainer, you are responsible for educating new and existing employees on how to improve and succeed in their current roles by teaching job related skills. These roles provide opportunities to coach employees and act as a mentor at times as well. You would also be responsible for developing courses and leading classes and/or seminars for employees.

3. Human Resources VP or Executive

Being a human resources executive or VP is the highest possible position in the corporate world for HR professionals. In this role, you would be responsible for developing HR strategies and implementing those strategies for an entire corporation. In this job, you would have a greater impact because your policies and procedures would reach every employee within the company. Since this job comes with a higher degree of risk, the pay is extremely high as well. According to CBS News, HR managers alone start at $85,000 per year on average. HR Executives can make well into the six figure range.

4. Human Resources IT Specialist

With the growth of technology and software capabilities, there is a greater demand for information systems personnel in nearly every industry. With modern day technology, software has drastically impacted the HR profession. By specializing in certain areas of IT or computer science, it is possible to work in HR in a number of different roles. Mainly, IT professionals will help implement and manage HR related software and programs. There are promotional opportunities within this career choice as well and since there will be an even greater demand in the future for these types of jobs, the pay will also increase rapidly.

5. Benefits and Compensation Manager

Being a benefits and compensation manager may not seem like the most glamorous job, but there is a demand for it and there are many pros to choosing this HR specialty. In this role, you would be responsible for choosing and managing employees’ benefit packages. This involves setting up health insurance packages, establishing pay scales for different jobs, and offer help and information for 401K’s. Your job is essentially to get the best offers for employees so that your company can be more competitive in recruiting and retaining top talent.

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These human resource career options are merely a few of the many areas one can specialize in within the HR management field. Typically, these jobs require a college degree in HR, business, or computer science. Look at your college or the colleges you may want to attend and evaluate their HR programs. See what specific job requirements are necessary for the HR job you want and begin building your resume accordingly. This will help you get a jump on other young HR professionals that are graduating from college at the same time as you.