5 Great Character Traits of an ENTJ Personality

The Myers-Briggs personality test can be used to determine an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and possibly best-suited occupations. One of the personality classifications included in this assessment is ENTJ, according to Truity. An ENTJ personality is one that includes Extraversion, iNtuition, Thinking and Judgment. People with this particular personality combination are often seen as motivated and strategic leaders who are quick to organize inefficiency and to use logical reasoning to find new solutions. These are just a few of the great character traits of the ENTJ personality.

1. Rational

An ENTJ individual is the opposite of a spontaneous person. He or she prefers to think through every possible scenario before making a decision, opting to navigate challenges carefully and thoroughly. An ENTJ often categorizes a decision with a step-by-step process, examining every angle of the situation before arriving at a solution. While some people may find this meticulous method of thinking infuriatingly slow and unnecessary, an ENTJ often finds himself or herself ending a situation in the best possible way thanks to this system of rational thinking. ENTJ personalities also make back-up plans just in case their original solutions are not as successful as they expected.

2. Energetic

ENTJ personalities are frequently annoyed by inefficiency and laziness, and they exhibit energy as they make plans and goals. These individuals enjoy being leaders, pushing their teammates or coworkers through a necessary task with surprising vigor. When an unexpected problem arises or a peer is overly stubborn, ENTJ personalities often become even more energized as they work to overcome an obstacle or erase a mistake. Although these people are frequently leaders, they are equally effective as teammates or coworkers due to this inherent optimism and energy.

3. Organized

Because of their preference for rational thinking and efficiency, ENTJ personalities are often very organized. These individuals feel that they can be most effective when they have a specific schedule, and their lives and living spaces are organized. For example, an ENTJ’s workspace is likely to be clean, with papers filed and desk supplies organized in drawers or containers. Many ENTJ workers use alphabetical order or some type of color-coding system to stay organized. Likewise, ENTJ individuals prefer to have a daily, weekly or even monthly schedule that they can count on as being routine.

4. Ambitious

The energy and drive to be efficient is what makes ENTJ people more ambitious. These individuals often set goals for themselves, and their plans, schedules and energy to meet those goals causes them to be more ambitious. Some people may see this trait as being greedy or even over-confident, but ENTJ personalities really just feel that they must complete any task or goal that they begin; they cannot leave unfinished projects. This combination of needing to finish things is what makes them ambitious.

5. Confident

In combination with being ambitious, ENTJ personalities are typically confident that they will make their plans happen or that they will attain their goals. Many people misconstrue this confidence in their abilities and their futures as being self-centered or arrogant, but most ENTJ personalities do not see themselves this way. They know that they are intelligent and that they have the ability to meet their goals, but they are not typically showing off on purpose. They prefer to use their confidence and charisma to inspire others to reach for their own goals.

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As with any personality type assigned and described by the Myers-Briggs test, an ENTJ personality has many great character traits. The confidence, energy and rational thinking of the ENTJ individual are part of what makes him or her a great leader and a great coworker.