5 Great Leaders With ESFP Personality Types

ESFP personalities are known for being highly social and outgoing. They thrive on excitement and are practical when it comes to day-to-day needs. With their gregarious personalities and love of people, ESFP personalities can make great leaders. Throughout history, there have been numerous successful leaders with an ESFP personality type, according to Myers-Briggs Personality Types.

1. Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was known for his positive outlook on life and friendly personality. As the President of the United States, he was at the helm of the country when the Soviet Union broke up. Reagan believed that the United States was continuously in the act of becoming a better person. His personable nature and unrelenting optimism helped to end the Cold War and bring about a new era in global diplomacy.

2. Peter the Great

Peter the Great was one of Russia’s most memorable, successful leaders. As an ESFP personality, Peter the Great was known for his liveliness and eagerness to please. He made a favorable impression on everyone he met because of his unconstrained nature, good heart and noble sentiments. He led a cultural revolution that was modeled after the Enlightenment in Europe. During his reign, Russia modernized and advanced into new territories. At his death, the Russian Empire was larger and more powerful than it had ever been.

3. Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson is known for being the founder of Virgin Records and Virgin Airlines. The visionary leader has an ESFP personality that makes him appealing and personable to the people around him. Headstrong and bold, he has embarked on noteworthy attempts like flying a hot air balloon across the Atlantic Ocean. While many leaders would rest on their laurels, he has continued to push the limits of human abilities with space exploration goals and new ways of living. Recently, he announced his goal of getting internet access to everyone on earth.

4. Paulo Coelho

While some ESFP leaders work in business or politics, Paulo Coelho has become a thought leader. Through his novels, the Brazilian writer has opened minds around the world to new ideas and a revolutionary way of thinking. His blend of spiritual concepts and fairytale-like stories have made him one of the best-selling writers in the world. Coelho started his career in the music industry where he rose to fame as a songwriter. Unhappy with his career, he finally began to pursue his dreams and became a writer.

5. Bill Clinton

As a former President of the United States, Bill Clinton is one of the top living leaders with an ESFP personality type. He led the United States during one of the largest economic booms in history while developing crime prevention measures. During his tenure, he was widely recognized for his friendly personality and talkative nature.

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ESFP personality types can make excellent leaders when they are born into the right circumstances. Their ability to work with people and stay positive make them natural politicians and entrepreneurs. Over the course of history, ESFP leaders have also included people like Lord Nelson, Tony Robbins and Desmond Tutu.