5 Great Organization Tips for ESFP Personality Types

There are five great organization tips that can really benefit people with ESFP personality types. Oftentimes, ESFP personalities have a hard time focusing their attention and efforts on the task at hand, according to Myers-Briggs Personality Types. They are creative, enthusiastic people who want to share their ideas everyone. These tips can help these unique individuals to organize their time so they can finish school assignments, projects and other required tasks. Consider some helpful suggestions.

1. Use a Timer When Completing a Task

One way someone with this personality type can focus on a task is to put it into a finite block of time. For instance, a student required to read three chapters of a biology textbook can start by setting a timer for 30 minutes. During the 30 minutes, the person focuses on reading one chapter. When the timer beeps, the person can set it to take a ten minute break. A simple egg timer or a timer on a cellphone is a tool that can give a person structure when completing tasks.

2. Minimize Distractions While Working

Another great tip for a person with an ESFP personality is to minimize distractions during study time. Turning off the television, DVD player and radio can help a person to concentrate. If the person has a cellphone or other technological device, it is a good idea to mute the volume and put the device out of sight during work time. Eliminating distractions from the situation makes it easier for an individual to narrow his or her focus to writing a paper, reading textbook chapters for a class, studying notes or working on an important project.

3. Create a Detailed Daily Schedule

Creating a detailed daily schedule can help a person to stay on track when completing tasks. If a person with this personality type gets distracted or starts to feel less focused, he or she can refer to the schedule to see exactly what needs to be accomplished. A schedule should include meetings with friends and fun activities as well as assignments and other required tasks that need to be done. A detailed schedule can be useful for a student especially during exam time and other periods when a lot of class assignments are due.

4. Utilize a Desk Calendar

A desk calendar can be a useful tool for a person with this energetic personality. One tip is to get a colorful desk calendar with plenty of space to write down due dates for assignments, projects and more. These types of calendars are available in book stores and office supply stores. Each time the person sits down at the desk, he or she will be able to see what needs to be done. Plus, when a month ends, it’s satisfying to tear the page off the calendar knowing that those tasks have all been completed.

5. Complete Big Tasks in Small Increments

Breaking a big task into small increments is a good tip for anyone with an ESFP personality. For instance, if a student is studying for a final exam in art history, it would be a smart idea to study one era in history at a time. If the final exam will cover the Neoclassical, Romanticism and Realism periods, then allotting a certain amount of study time to each era can make the task more manageable. Though it may take longer to study all of the material, the study time will be more effective.

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These are just a few ideas that can boost a person’s organizational skills. People with ESFP personality types can start improving today by following those five great organization tips.