5 Great Professional Organizations for Education Majors

In any chosen career, there are specific organizations are associated with that profession. The field of education is no exception to this rule. If you have chosen to pursue a career in education, there are a significant number of benefits to joining educational organizations. According to USA Today, some of the most common benefits associated with organizational membership are:

  • Networking and Mentorship: Membership gives you access to a network of professionals within your field that you can learn the most innovative ideas from and utilize these in your own environment.
  • Resume Building and Career Resources: Not only does it look good on your resume to list all of the organizations you belong to within your field, but it shows a potential employer that you are interested in what is happening within your field and furthering your education with current events and innovations.

These five educational organizations speak to research, technology, online learning, and the ever-evolving world of education for anyone considering a career in education:

1. American Educational Research Association

The mission of the AERA is to promote educational investigation into educational theory, curriculum and process and the application in the classroom based on research results. Within the membership ranks of educational research scientists and theorists are members from all areas of education including political science, sociology, history, business, philosophy, and psychology to name a few. They all work in concert with universities and school systems as well as state education departments to test and get the results where they are needed in order to improve the educational process for all students at all levels.

2. International Society for Technology in Education

The underlying belief of the ISTE is to answer the question: What if we supplied students with the most current technology available to take charge of what they are learning? The answer for this organization lies in collaborating with people who are offering educators the latest innovations in technology and showing educators how to incorporate it into their classrooms. This is important to keep in step with the millennial generation who are always a few steps ahead in the latest computerized products. As an educator, you can not only learn how to incorporate the devices in your classroom, but you can understand how students want and need to use current technology to stay competitive in the world today.

3. United States Distance Learning Association

With so many individuals opting to learn from home, many online schools are now in session at the K-12 level as well as the ever-growing area of higher education online courses to teach as well. According to an article on eLearningindustry.com, online learning by the year 2020 will be an integral part of every student’s learning experience whether they physically go to school or strictly learn at home on their own computer. This is a different type of teaching that any educator needs to be preparing for now.

The USDLA gives you access to the latest research regarding online learning for K-12, adult education, college and university online teaching, and even how to teach in a corporate training environment. It also shares curriculum for long-distance learning that speaks to a variety of subjects.

4. National Education Association

The NEA is not only the largest professional organization in the U.S. in general but the largest for educators. It encompasses members from all aspects of teaching from pre-school through college and university faculty. All the members have a say in setting the standards and policy for the NEA itself, and all members have a chance to network with each other once a year at an annual convention where nearly 3.5 million NEA members are invited to attend. The opportunity for networking with other educators is enormous if you join this association, and it is also a notable addition to anyone’s educational resume.

5. National School Boards Association

The NSBA is an association that has its focus on local school board members and their standards regarding educational policy and standards. This group reflects the mission of the majority of school boards throughout the country, so it gives anyone who joins an overall perspective on what most school systems have adopted in terms of their educational missions and policies for curriculum and the rights of each student.

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Considering becoming a member of any or all of these educational organizations sets you on a career path in educations that gives you access to the latest educational news, technology, experts in the field, and educational content to utilize in any type of classroom at any level of education.