5 Great Vacation Destinations for ISFP Personality Types

The Myer’s Briggs Personality Assessment is a popular tool used by many organizations across the globe. This self-discovery mechanism can help people identify their strengths, and can help them uncover a new life direction.

According to 16 Personalities, the ISFP type is one of the 16 personality combinations outlined in the assessment. ISFP personalities are creative souls who love to push the limits when it comes to creativity and beauty. They do not like to be confined and love to test social limits with their out of the box ideas. However the introverted piece of the ISFP personality does require the ability to step back and process their unique ideals. One interesting way to better understand each personality is to uncover popular vacation destinations for each type. Here are five suitable destinations for the ISFP personality.

1. Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a great vacation destination for the introspective ISFP personality. These tropical islands are known for their nude beaches and expressive culture. A trip to the islands would provide the perfect balance of relaxation and meditation with unique cultural interaction. The ISFP would feel quite at home with the free-spirited beauty of the islands.

2. Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is one of the most beautiful regions in the country. Sprinkled with mountains, rivers, and even a tropical rain forest, there is no end to the beauty that pervades this enchanted region. In addition, metropolitan pockets of the area like Seattle and Portland are notorious for their free-spirited and progressive cultures. This eclectic mix of beauty and boldness make the Pacific Northwest the perfect vacation destination for the test ISFP personality.

3. Australia

This diverse landmark offers a nice blend of laid back beach time and action packed adventure. Australia is full of natural beauty which allows time for introspection and relaxation, but visitors are also able to engage in rugged local activities like scuba diving, rock climbing and alligator hunting. This diversity and balance would provide the a comfortable and stress-free vacation for the ISFP personality.

4. Las Vegas

There is no place on earth that’s better suited for self-expression than Las Vegas. For the out of the box ISFP personality, Vegas can definitely get their creative juices flowing. However, Las Vegas is more than just the parties and extravagant shows. The City of Sin also offers a calming retreat to the mountains above the bustle of the city. The ISFP personality will enjoy the option of people watching and interaction followed by a calm day at the pool or spa to recoup.

5. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is a quaint and compact city located in the United Kingdom. Visitors are able to explore the local culture from kilt-wearing bag pipers to the Scottish Whiskey factory. Guests can also sample some of the local Scottish delicacies and have a lively conversation with an animated native. This day-time exploration and cultural experience is perfect for anyone looking for inspiration and interaction. At night, visitors can cozy up in a local flat and enjoy a relaxing evening by the fire. This offers the perfect escape from a busy day and is a welcome relief for the ISFP. Overall, Edinburgh offers the best of both worlds and is a great vacation destination for the ISFP personality.

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These are just a few of the many popular vacation destinations for the ISFP personality. Overall, the ISFP enjoys a nice blend of exploratory activities meshed with relaxing, introspective evenings. Each of these destinations offers this sort of experience and works well with this creative personality.