5 Great Websites for Finance Majors

Finding at least five great websites for finance majors is the first step for someone who wants to enhance and/ or clarify what he or she learns in the college classroom. There are many websites out there containing financial articles. A finance major can use his or her time more efficiently by sticking to the five most reliable financial websites.

1. Kiplinger

This website has up-to-date market information and data on different types of stock. Finance majors can read articles on taxes, retirement strategies, investing and small business operations. There are articles explaining how political events affect the financial world. Current news provided by Kiplinger gives readers information on important changes going on in companies and businesses. The articles are relatively short and written by experts in the financial field. Students can use this publication to better understand the material they learn in the classroom. Articles could even be used for a class project or group assignment.

2. The Economist

This website gives finance majors a variety of reading on events happening inside and outside of the financial world. The magazine covers international and national business news as well as science, technology, books and the art world. There is a prominent section on the website with recent news and updates to ongoing stories. Students can sign up to have the audio version of articles. Apps are available to students who want to receive alerts regarding financial situations happening throughout the world. The website is easy to navigate so visitors can find the stories they are interested in.

3. The Wall Street Journal

This great website contains articles on business, technology, politics, the economy and more. Finance students can get updated market information for the U.S., Europe and Asia. Current news updates appear on the website alongside opinion pieces, articles on art and real estate. There is video featuring interviews of leaders in the business world which can add to a finance major’s knowledge of the subject. There is even career advice for a student who is beginning a job as a personal financial advisor or another position. Choose a specific topic to read about or go straight to the top news.

4. Bloomberg Businessweek

The latest news is prominently featured on this website. Current market information is given along with information on stock futures, an earnings calendar and more. Articles that connect politics and the financial scene are included in the website content. The writers for Bloomberg Businessweek have experience in the business world or have taught the subjects they are discussing in the articles. There is a section on pursuits with articles about innovation in transportation and its effect on the financial world. Fast, reliable news updates make this a handy, useful source of business information for a finance major.

5. MarketWatch

This website has regularly updated market information readily available for its readers. Investment information is organized to show readers which companies they need to watch. Read articles about current politics and how it relates to the state of the economy. Other topics for articles include retirement, real estate and personal finance. Interviews and articles about influential individuals in the business world are available on MarketWatch. There are qualified financial writers who answer reader questions about various topics such as handling personal finances. Full color images and succinct writing add to the appeal of this website for finance majors.

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These online publications can help students to get a different perspective on the topics they learn about in business classes. These five great websites for finance majors can be used during effective independent study time.