5 Great Websites for MBA Majors

No matter what your course of study, a higher level degree is a challenging pursuit. However, that is especially true of a Masters of Business Administration. At any rate, having the right support and tools makes attaining this degree much more doable. Fortunately, some of the best resources for MBA students are available right at your fingertips (or on the other side of your screen). These are five great websites for MBA majors that will not only help you while you working on your degree but also after your graduate.

1. GMAT Support

To even begin coursework related to your advanced business degree, you must be accepted into a school. The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is an assessment that is not specific to any one business program but rather serves as a marker of one’s readiness to enter into and engage in upper level programs. The GMAT evaluates various skills, including reading, writing, and mathematics among others. Every school has a minimum score requirement. So the higher your score, the better your odds are for being accepted. The GMAT website provides information regarding upcoming test dates as well as test prep tips and materials.

2. MBA Scholarships

The cost of higher education at any level is on the rise but especially so at the post-graduate level. MBA programs are among those that carry some of the highest price tags, leaving more and more students looking for scholarships and other funding options to pursue their degrees. If that is you, 101 MBA Scholarships is a great place to start. This site is an online database for a wide variety of scholarships available to individuals pursuing business majors. The site allows you to search by predetermined criteria, including date, location, and type. The site is also kept up-to-date, so it is an excellent resource for MBA students.

3. MBA Depot

To stay competitive in the classroom and out in the field, you need to stay abreast to the relevant information in your industry. The MBA Depot is a useful tool to help you do just that. This website provides extensive resources for MBA students, such as scholarly articles, case studies, and more. The site not only delivers current developments in the world of business but also provides relevant updates on current career opportunities. Likewise, students looking to enter the field can find helpful hints for applying to business school, making this a perfect tool no matter where you are in your pursuit of your MBA.

4. MBA Focus

Your degree is only the first step in pursuing a successful career in business. MBA Focus is a great resource to make the transition from school to the field more seamless. MBA Focus is a leader in the business school market and partners with employers as well as recruiters to effectively match the most promising students with the best opportunities following graduation. MBA Focus maintains several exclusive partnerships, making it a tool that many students rely on to help them achieve their career goals. To use the service you’ll need to complete a profile, but it is certainly worth the effort if you are serious about pursuing success in the field, according to US News and World Report.

5. Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business

While many MBA students are self-driven, having good connections is an added benefit. Support from friends as well as your community can be a crucial element of successfully breaking into the business world, so it is in your best interest to start networking early. The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is a great tool that will help you do this. The AACSB works with educational institutions and businesses worldwide to establish the standards and best practices in the field. The association also hosts conferences, webinars, and more for members and produces an industry publication for ongoing learning. This global network will give you the most comprehensive access to opportunities available around the world.

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As an MBA student and professional, you will face many challenges. Knowing where you can turn for guidance and support will help you transition through those challenges more successfully. These five great websites for MBA majors will be among the most effective tools you can have to be successful in the classroom and beyond.