5 Organizational Tips for Individuals with ESTP Personalities

People with ESTP (Extraverted Sensing with Introverted Thinking) personalities have much to offer the world. They are “doers” who are quick with creative ideas, make rational decisions and are often impressive speakers. Despite the fact they are commonly successful in their career and social lives, they often struggle with organizational skills. If you fall into this category, there are ways to improve your overall quality of life by implementing a few basic techniques.

1. Conquer That Pile of Paperwork

Create a system that allows you to immediately sort incoming mail both in your home and on your electronic devices. Placing small baskets or trays and a trash can near the entry area of your home can be helpful. Immediately addressing mail lessens the chance that you will forget an important date or appointment. It also keeps the house or office tidy. Create inboxes on your personal electronic devices and devote a few minutes to replying to important correspondences and deleting junk mail.

2. Go Completely Electronic

Use your phone’s calendar or set up an online calendar to remind you about important appointments, special occasions and due dates. Consider signing up for online reminders from greeting card companies, who will keep track of birthdays, holidays and anniversaries. Many even offer gift suggestions. Online recipe services can create automatic shopping lists. Have doctors and dentists text reminders about appointments. Ask your pharmacy to automatically prepare prescription medicines every 1-3 months, and ask them to text or call when they are ready to be picked up.

3. Or Try A More Traditional Method

Those who find it difficult to keep up with a calendar or aren’t comfortable using digital services can create a simple list of bills or monthly tasks in the order they need to be accomplished. Check off bills or tasks one by one. This allows you to focus on “what’s next” rather than trying to remember which item is more urgent. Keep it posted next to your computer keyboard so you see it everyday. Sign up for bill auto pay on any account that offers the service. Simply adding a dry erase board to your office or home can do wonders. Paper stickies often get covered up by other papers and forgotten.

4. Create New Habits

If dull tasks like laundry, dishes or cleaning seem less important to you than they do to your mate, try to work them into your daily life. For instance, keep cleaning wipes on the bathroom counter. The bright-colored bottle reminds you to immediately clean the sink, mirror and counter after you brush your teeth. Use a tile squeegee right before you get out of the shower. It only takes a few weeks to get accustomed to a new habit. When done daily, the task is painless and takes only seconds of your time. Making small changes to your everyday life is much easier than committing a large chunk of time to a task you don’t enjoy.

5. Avoid Overbooking Yourself

Often ESTP personalities schedule too many obligations and activities because they are such social butterflies and hard workers. Remember that taking time for yourself is crucial to personal organization. Give yourself a few minutes in the morning or before bed to take care of personal and professional obligations. Once you have a system in place, you will have to devote a little time to it each day in order to keep it running smoothly.

Hired professionals can also lighten your load. Personal assistants, cleaning crews, organization specialists and accountants are there for those who cannot or will not handle personal business on their own. Choosing to ignore your issues can hurt you. In fact, LinkedIn listed poor organizational skills as one of the top three blunders that can hurt your career. Don’t let a lack of organization keep you from accomplishing important life goals.