Top 5 Careers for INFJ Personality Types

INFJ careersSelecting the right career as an INFJ may seem like a daunting task, but it is not impossible. Many career paths are well-suited for the INFJ’s desire to have a job that is congruent with personal values and that provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on the world. Below are the top five careers for INFJ personality types.

1. Special Education Teacher

Teaching in a traditional classroom may not be an introvert’s first choice, but working with students individually or in small groups as a special education teacher could be a perfect fit for the INFJ. Special education teachers work with students who have cognitive, emotional or physical disabilities that make it difficult for them to succeed in a typical learning environment. These teachers use unique instructional techniques designed to help students succeed despite their limitations. Special education teachers have the opportunity to be someone who makes a lasting difference in the life of a child with a disability. This career path typically requires at least a bachelor’s degree in education along with state certification. With the Department of Education reporting that 49 of 50 states have a special education teacher shortage, it is expected there will be a significant need for these teachers in the future.

2. Social Worker

Many INFJs find it rewarding to be advocates for people in need, which is exactly what a social worker does. Social workers provide assistance to people who face a variety of different challenges in their lives. They determine what kind of assistance their clients need as well as help clients obtain the appropriate assistance to better their situations. Clinical social workers are a specific type of social worker that can provide mental health services to clients who have mental health needs. Basic social workers generally need a bachelor’s degree in social work, while clinical social workers typically need a master’s degree.

3. Religious Worker

INFJs are often spiritual people, and helping others grow spiritually can be a satisfying career path. While being a traditional pastor is one popular option for those pursuing religious work, a variety of other paths are possible. Some religious workers choose to work as chaplains in secular institutions such as hospitals, prisons or in the military. Others work individually with people in church congregations such as through pastoral counseling. Some religious workers work with children. Others pursue missionary work. A master’s degree in a field such as divinity will provide the aspiring religious worker with the most career opportunities.

4. Librarian

Learning and sharing information with others is something that can be exciting for INFJs, and a job as a librarian enables them to do just that. Whether it is helping children or adults discover the latest great novel or utilizing the best of modern technology to point others in the right direction when searching for important information, a career as a librarian can be an excellent choice for INFJs who love to learn and who want to foster that same passion in others. Librarians need to have a master’s degree in library science.

5. Medical Doctor

Doctors heal those who are sick, which could be perfect for INFJs who want to help bring out the best in people. A career as a doctor is another path with a variety of options possible. Doctors can practice general medicine or one of many types of specialty medicine. They can work in offices or hospitals. Some doctors work overseas in underserved countries, which may be alluring to INFJs. Becoming a doctor requires a bachelor’s degree and attending medical school for a degree in medicine.

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INFJs have particular needs when searching for the right career because of their unique personalities. Any of these careers could be perfect for INFJs seeking a path that enables them to serve others while maintaining their sense of individuality.