Top 5 Careers in Business

Best Business Careers

  • Business Development Manager
  • Senior Financial Analyst
  • Accountant
  • Statistician
  • Director of Finance and Administration

Students who major in business have a lot of careers they can pursue once they graduate. Some of these careers have incredibly conducive work environments and great salaries. Others have challenging work environments as well as salaries that are below average. Here is a list of the top five careers you can pursue for a better salary and work environment.

1. Business Development Manager

Business development managers work to identify and take advantage of opportunities by optimizing the current business processes or developing new ones. They contact potential partners to propose and locate potential business deals, develop negotiation strategies and analyze market data. Their main aim is to ensure the organizations they work for explore more revenue streams and become more profitable. Business development managers earn a median annual wage of $70,191, according to PayScale. Those who work in smaller companies earn less than those who work for established and multi-national organizations. Top employers include computer systems design, scientific and technical consulting and financial services companies.

2. Senior Financial Analyst

Senior financial analysts work to forecast organizations’ revenues and provide advice on future spending. They analyze business processes and financial models, forecast annual and quarterly profits, project costs and report on the organization’s financial data. Senior financial analysts also help organizations explore various investment options and identify risks and opportunities. Those who want to work as senior financial analysts should have at least a degree in accounting, business administration, economics or statistics. The median annual salary is $78,414, with some earning as high as $140,584.

3. Accountant

Accountants work to collect and analyze financial data, forecast revenues and costs, manage tax payments. Accountants also prepare internal audits, identify and report financial discrepancies, analyze financial records, conduct detailed risks assessments and analyze potential investments. Those who work in accountancy must have an undergraduate degree in accounting at minimum to qualify for job positions. They should also obtain at least a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) certification. Accountants earn an average salary of $68,150 per year.

4. Statistician

Statisticians are highly skilled professionals who help organizations gather and make sense of quantitative data. Their typical duties include designing data acquisition models, assessing results, supervising junior statistical staff and acting in a consultancy capacity. A majority of statisticians work for market research companies, government statistical service, hospitals, state departments of health and regional health authorities. Aspiring statisticians should have a degree in statistics and complete a qualification from the Royal Statistical Society. Statisticians make $81,950 per year.

5. Director of Finance and Administration

Directors of finance and administration are responsible for all aspects of finance, human resources, information technology and administrative management within an organization. They provide strategic leadership and ensure cohesion across finance and administrative functions. Directors of finance and administration must have the initiative and ability to offer solutions to a wide range of financial issues. Job applicants must have have at least a bachelor’s degree in a business-related course and five years of work experience. Finance and administration directors earn an average salary of $87,890 per annum.

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With the US economy on a pedestal, business majors have a lot of job opportunities. Nearly all industries will have open job positions for individuals who want to perform business-related functions. The top five business jobs highlighted above have decent salaries and offer great working environments.