Top 5 Careers in Finance

Finance Careers

  • Personal Financial Advisor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Management Analyst
  • Financial Examiner
  • Logistician

Perhaps you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance, but you haven’t decided which job title you would be best suited for based on your skills, strengths and abilities. You’ll want to consider gaining the credentials you need to qualify for any of these top five careers in finance.

1. Personal Financial Advisor

Personal financial advisors help individuals invest their assets, a role which can be highly satisfying when it is performed successfully. As of May 2016, personal financial advisors were earning comfortable median salaries of $90,530, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Personal career satisfaction and high salary levels are not the only reasons this finance industry career holds a lot of promise. Analysts at the Bureau are forecasting that an additional 39,300 financial advisors will be needed in the near future, which is an increase of 14 percent overall.

2. Financial Analyst

Investment portfolios are complex, and it can be a challenge to analyze and interpret which assets are likely to be profitable in the future. Financial analysts help their hiring organizations to invest their funds intelligently. They typically work for businesses and other groups that have significant amounts of capital to invest; securities brokerages, financial institutions, management enterprises, investment pools, consulting firms and universities are some of the top employers for these professionals.

Analysts can easily earn more than their salaries for their employers, which makes them highly valued members of their hiring organizations’ teams. The typical financial analyst earns a median annual salary of $81,760. Demand for talented analysts is growing at an impressive rate of 11 percent. By the year 2026, experts at the Bureau of Labor Statistics are predicting there will be about 32,100 new financial analyst jobs available for new graduates and career changers to fill.

3. Management Analyst

Management analysts work in governments and a variety of industries to improve efficiency for their hiring organizations. An attractive median salary of $81,330 and a predicted growth rate of 12 percent helped to earn this job title a spot on our list of best finance industry careers.

4. Financial Examiner

Financial institutions hire these professionals to help them assess financial risks, comply with current legislation, extend loans that are profitable without being predatory, minimize their losses and manage any losses proactively. This is work for which they are paid well, with median annual salaries for this type of work calculated at $79,280. Demand for financial examiners is increasing at a rate of about 10 percent, with this pace expected to continue through at least the year 2026.

5. Logistician

Logisticians are the finance industry professionals who ensure that manufacturers, construction firms, governments and other hiring organizations are able to get the supplies they need to conduct business. They’re most concerned with managing their hiring organizations’ supply chains, which enables them to build and manufacture the products they produce. The average pay for this position is $74,170. The demand for logisticians is growing at a rate of 7 percent, a growth rate which Bureau of Labor Statistics experts predict will continue until at least the year 2026.

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If you’re positive you want to embark on a career in the finance industry, all five of these employment paths are worth considering. Projections are favorable for growth in the numbers of opportunities for professionals who do all these jobs, and employers are willing to pay enticing salaries to their staffers who handle this work. Additionally, the work itself is typically fulfilling, which leads to a high level of personal satisfaction. Taking all these criteria into consideration, we arrived at the above picks for the top five careers in finance.