What Types of Jobs Can One Get With a Foreign Language Degree?

Foreign Language DegreeIf you are thinking of or have already completed a foreign language degree, you might be wondering what types of jobs are available for someone with a foreign language degree. While it may seem like foreign language degrees are not very useful, they actually provide individuals with an array of skills. Those with foreign language degrees are able to think critically, are creative, have an ability to think logically, and are extremely dedicated in what they do. If you have attained a foreign language degree and are wondering what your next steps should be, the below information will help you figure it out.

Language Specialist

One of the most valuable and popular types of jobs available for a foreign language major or minor are language specialist jobs, according to Omniglot. These language specialist jobs include positions such as an interpreter, translator, writer, or a linguist. These jobs each require a thorough understanding of a language, including its linguistic structure, vocabulary, and written and oral forms. With these positions, individuals must be prepared to meet the needs of their employer, and therefore there is little room for mistake. The top three languages that are in demand for language specialists are Spanish, Arabic, and Chinese. As global languages that are strategic points of communications, a major in any of these languages can truly aid the job seeking process.


According to the Department of Education, foreign language teachers¬†are another in-demand career for those that major or minor in a foreign language. However, apart from the major or minor qualification, it is also required for foreign language teachers to attain a teaching degree. Many American schools currently require Spanish, Italian, Japanese, and French teachers. Individuals enter this field work with language assistants, other teachers in the language department, and teaching assistants to reach their goals of brining language to the next generation. The great thing about this position is that a teacher, you can use innovative and exciting techniques to teach language to your students. It’s truly a way to use your passion to teach others.

Foreign Services

When individuals ask what type of jobs with a foreign language degree are available, few seem to consider that foreign services is a viable one, according to Southeastern Louisiana State University. Foreign services include working in other countries fostering peace keeping efforts, aiding diplomats, and helping facilitate a positive relationship between the United States and other countries. Your language skills will break down the language barrier and provide for effective and useful communication between American diplomats and foreign countries. This is perhaps one of the most rewarding careers that one can seek with a foreign language degree.

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Overall, a foreign language degree can open doors to a fun and exciting career. You can become a language specialist, teacher or work in the foreign services. Other options include consulting, working with corporations in their foreign operations efforts, a cultural officer, investment analyst, and an international banking officer. The options are truly endless. So the next time you question what types of jobs are out there for someone with a foreign language degree, you simply need to take a step back and consider the options wisely. There are a great deal of opportunities out there ready for the taking.